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Where is the main emphasis of the consultancy service?

We are a consultancy, which has exclusively specialised in optimising the acquisition structures and processes of your print products.
We aim to strengthen the net added value functions at our client’s and achieve savings that have effect on the results. Our consultancy approach of “all round optimisation” includes all services necessary for an efficient acquisition and process optimisation.

How is your competence team made up?

Including partners at home and abroad, the competence team consists of 8 persons with various competences. Thus it is also ensured that know-how from various European markets is made available to our clients.
Depending on the size and complexity of the projects, several partners are involved. All partners have mutually agreed confidentiality.

In view of the positive development of business and taking on more partners, a growth in personnel is to be expected in the near future.

What makes you different to other consultancies?

Loyalty towards the client’s interests is our first priority. Therefore we do not act for suppliers (like a broker). This guarantees the independence of our consultancy services. For we are only have a duty to our clients, not to the suppliers.
The main difference is to be found in our specialization in acquisition, process optimization and added value linked to a practice-orientated methodology.
Through our years of experience, international partners, our own database and calculation software we are in the position to ascertain a realistic savings potential for your enterprise without polling the market.
We have a short analysis phase. This means that results are quickly and precisely put into practice. That in turn leads to immediate experience of success. We hereby establish target values that can be realistically achieved for the individual process steps in the implementation phase. We conduct the talks with suppliers together with the client.
Besides financial benefits we open up process improvements and know-how for the client by not restricting ourselves to explaining “how it could run”, but be showing how it in fact runs in daily business. Thus the client profits from valuable knowledge beyond the end of the project and can consolidate and extend this knowledge at our training centre in Hamburg.
We furthermore invoice when a service has been performed. That dramatically reduces the investment risk. A return on investment of two months is the rule.

What benefits does the client have?

Our client receives an independent and detailed analysis with a realistic savings plan without entering into an investment risk. In most cases the investment amortizes in two months. Qualitative improvements such as raising process efficiency and effectiveness do not go into the evaluation of the target attainment, but are shown as additional benefits.

What is the procedure within a consultancy project?

Our consultancy projects are divided into three phases:

  1. Savings potentials and process optimisations are ascertained and shown.
  2. A strategy is set out together with the client and the savings are realized subject to a requirement-specific weighting of the consultancy modules.
  3. Project follow-up for sustaining results.
How do you ensure that the success of your consultancy is sustained after the end of the project?

We try to ensure that the savings effects generated are as long-term and sustained as possible. To this end we offer our clients further services such as:

  • Controlling for total profit and loss effectiveness
  • Training/courses

The savings shown after the completion of the implementation phase are verified by means of a controlling. This way a necessary “fine adjustment“ can be recognised and started as need be.
By the employees learning from our experts, the competence stays in the enterprise beyond the end of the project. This sustained qualification is rendered possible by a training-on-the-job during the projects and after the project’s completion by our extensive offer of courses. Experienced experts at our training centre in Hamburg conduct the practically orientated courses.